Why Choose a Growth & Profit Expert?


A Growth and Profit Expert can improve your cash flow, reduce your taxes, and increase your profits.

Some business owners say they cannot afford a Growth and Profit Expert. What has your bookkeeper done for you to save money, increase sales, and increase profit? I say that you can afford to me because by doing so, I will become a profit center, not a cost center.

I will tell you what financial reports mean and what course of action we need to take to avoid tragedies and create prosperity."

A Growth and Profit Expert should be able to save you more then what you are paying. Seek my expertise and you will thank me, I guarantee that it will be the best decision that you make for your business's financial future.


Firms are looking for an individual to turn their business financials from red to black promptly. The Growth and Profit Expert has tailored proven strategies to take a sick patient and nurse it back to financial health. Suddenly, the organization has turned those financial losses into gains. The owner has renewed hope. Working hand and hand with the Growth and Profit Expert has added the missing link from the firm’s success. Most entrepreneurs are excellent at marketing and production. They are passionate about their products and/or services. They are not passionate about payroll, inventory, and cash flow. If they plan to be in business, the owners unfortunately they have to do accounting and file taxes.

dollarscentsNot many business owner’s ever went to school for accounting. They have little, if any, training in accounting. Most are unable to read or understand financial reports. They decide to perform the accounting on their own anyways or have their spouse do the books. They are determined hopefully to setup the “QuickBooks or some other accounting software properly and record bills and create invoices accurately. By the end of the day, they are too tired to make those daily transactions. Thus, they put off the bookkeeping or fail to do the work properly. Their financial records begin to lag behind. The boss starts calling the bank to find out how much money is available in their checking account. Inventory numbers seem to be off. The collections of Accounts Receivable is sporadic. Customers continue to make purchases on credit. Payments to vendors slowly turn from current to past due. Business owners think this is the normal way to run a business, they are afraid to seek professional assistance. Soon notices of past due statements come from their suppliers, threatening letters from IRS arrive in the mail, then slowly sales diminish, and cash flow evaporates. The business eventually files for bankruptcy. It does not have to be that way.

Remember how difficult it was to learn a foreign language. If you did not have a teacher, you probably would not learn it by yourself. Your brain had to be rewired to finally read and write the language fluently. Accounting is the language of business. Most business owners find it difficult to speak and understand. I will become your interpreter so that you can master this foreign language. I will translate the language in plain and simple terms so that you can better manage your business. I will tell you what financial reports mean and what course of action we need to take to avoid tragedies and create prosperity. We will work in tandem to resolve any issues that come about and even take a proactive approach to prevent calamities from occurring.

2,000 Businesses each year are on the verge of bankruptcy. 4% of 2,0000,000, or 80,000, are actually in the process in filing for bankruptcy, that means that 1,920,000 still have hope as long as the owners have a vision.

If you started 100 businesses today, 86 companies will fail in the first two years. The next 10 firms will flop within the five years of starting. The 4 remaining organizations become rich. Would you like to be one of those 4 that succeed?
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